AUIers Bring Valentine’s Day to Essalam School


It’s a snowy Monday night in Ifrane, Morocco. At AUI’s student lounge, a few college students sit on red couches and joke around. They are here for Design for Change, the campus branch of an international organization that aims to empower kids in Ifrane area schools. As the club’s president, 20-year-old Younes Akherfi, sums up recent Valentine’s Day fundraising activities, more students enter, and the room is soon filled with around 40 of the club’s 60 active student members. One of the school coordinators, Safia Sekkat, 19, introduces this week’s activity: Valentine’s Day cards with 180 primary schoolers at Essalam School.



Moroccan Music and a Lecture on Moroccan Family Code

Hey, guys! I’m very sorry nothing’s been posted the last couple of weeks. It seems that here at Al Akhawayn, Finals Week turns into Finals Month, and despite a few trips to Rabat, I’ve been spending a lot of time on papers and Memrise.com… In the meantime, enjoy Hindi Zahra, a beautiful, Norah Jones/Billie Holiday-like artist.


A Brief Look Into the Life of an Ifrane Vegetable Seller


Raise your glasses, dear readers, and pay attention, for today marks a special day: not only is it my wonderful creator’s birthday (hey, Mama!), but it is also the day that this blog begins to feature real people. Over the next weeks, students and members of the Ifrane area community will share here thoughts on their everyday lives, concerns and dreams.

The first person who agreed to speak with me is Rashid Oumichi. A 24-year-old vegetable seller from Ifrane, Oumichi works at the marché, the market students and village citizens rely on to keep ourselves fed, hygienic, clothed and clean cut.