Back again!

What to do and what to learn: Since coming back to the States from an extended study abroad, my focus in every semester has been the Missourian: Missourian reporting, Missourian copyediting and now … Missourian advanced reporting, for my last semester. The first two semesters were a struggle as I learned to apply journalism basics, adapted to a sometimes-hectic schedule and became a team player (up until that point, most of my volunteer and paid work had been freelance).

I hope that having grasped the basic skills, my work this semester will be above adequate — that not only will it become more powerfully descriptive, but that it will also go beyond simple observation and toward deeper analysis. Any feedback from you guys on what to do outside of class to get to that point would be helpful!

Examples from other journalists: But, of course, there is power in pure description. Kayla McDowell just wrote a beautiful piece on Columbia women’s journey to the March on Washington. She gave vivid details and let sources speak for themselves. Ultimately, McDowell made her piece more powerful by leaving the heavy analysis for another article and making hers a pure vignette.


Islam at MU and Pop Culture References I Don’t Really Get

Two weeks ago, we at MU were lucky enough to have a talk by Suhaib Webb, a Muslim convert and religious scholar (yes, his Arabic is fantastic). He made Islamic scholarship pretty accessible to American and immigrant Muslims, as well as non-Muslims, with his many hip-hop references. This guy had it down, and, if interested in these topics, I suggest you read up on him.

Here’s the coverage, published in the Missourian March 15.