Leipzig, Germany: Graffiti, J-School and Drinking Chocolate


The day before saying goodbye to one of the best countries in the world, I traveled to Leipzig to meet Mira at McDonald’s, the premier hangout spot for Americans abroad. (A la 90s, I had been forced by circumstance and stinginess adventurously decided to visit Germany without a working cellphone.)

This almost backfired when I failed to consider the possibility that Germans “just couldn’t even” with two separate McDonald’s within a few blocks of each other. No, they needed a third McDonald’s in the station to feed their gluttonous desires.



Leipzig Area, Germany: Sometimes, German men just have to get naked


I am soon welcomed into Mira’s arms – warm, familiar and forgiving of my inability to answer Facebook messages (incurable medical condition). We drink raspberry vanilla tea (Heiße Liebe), consume the cake Mira’s gentleman friend baked, talk for hours and make plans to eventually meet at the Leipzig train station’s McDonald’s (this is important later, for those of you taking notes).


Melilla: The story behind the story, part 2

HAFinalAbdelillah (Abdo) Bezza and Houssam Ater are two 24-year-old college graduates from Nador. I caught up with them Saturday night at a plaza in Melilla, where they were playing guitar music and singing.

Abdo, who majored in tourism, took a break from his music and allowed me to interview him about Nador, Moroccan-Spanish border crossings and plans for the future.


Melilla: The story behind the story, part 1


Two weeks ago, a friend and fellow student on assignment from a large Italian newspaper invited me to participate in a project on sub-Saharan migrants trying to cross the Moroccan-Spanish border to Melilla, a town on the African continent belonging to Spain.