Month: July 2017

Montessori School Story

Hello! About a week ago, I published my second alternative-school story. This one was about a local Montessori school that is teaching children about indigenous peoples. The kids cook, craft and listen their way through ancient Egypt, Zulu culture and Aztec times, among others. Here’s the link!

Regarding the nursing home story, I just received state documents that weren’t posted online. The story should therefore be done soon.


The Wilds have been published!

Hey, guys! So, remember when I wrote about visiting the Wild Folk movement and learning about its alternative education philosophy? Now you can learn about it, too, right here!

This article represents big growth for me as a journalist, as my biggest problem lies in structuring articles. With previous large stories, I would gather a heap of information and then collapse under it while attempting to sift out the most important parts. This time — after multiple lessons on structure from multiple editors — I went into the story with a rough structure and adapted it as I continued writing. My editor and I did spend a lot of time on smaller edits, but most of the piece stayed the same, and only 300 or so words were cut!

On to the next big problem: Clarity.

And yes, the nursing home story is still coming along. I’ll be getting the state records soon, and then the story will be almost completely done.

Enjoy your summer!