Into the wild

This week, I get to write about the local unschool- inspired summer camp! The camp allows five- to 13-year-olds to build a connection to nature while practicing wilderness skills such as building fires. They are minimally directed by adults, who step in when there are safety concerns or questions about how to do something. The camp is run by Wild Folk, a three day/week enrichment program that aims to help kids — mostly homeschoolers, as of now — explore learning in non-formal setting.

I enjoyed the physical break this story gave from the nursing home investigation, which I work on indoors, hunched over my laptop. The photojournalist and I had quite an adventure getting to the conservation area where the camp is being held, even passing a zebra and camel on our way. (Yes, we were still in mid-Missouri.) After roughly three hours of interviewing and observation, we headed back downtown, and now the story is writing itself.

The nursing home investigation is also going well. A local expert looked at the reporting so far and confirmed that it’s accurate. She and the Health Department gave clarification on some important points, and she suggested where I could dig deeper. We are also about to receive some more records, so this investigation should be public soon.


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