Help with Access?

As the first summer session winds down, the Missourian is publishing several interesting stories that reporters have worked on for a long time. Karlee wrote about a Ghanaian student hoping to mitigate infectious diseases in his country. Gabriela obviously had fun writing an informative piece about damage the solar eclipse can do to retinas. And, on a lighter note, Lucy covered the headache a local bar made for the city when it threw a ridiculous party, fake snow included.

Meanwhile, I’m still working on the nursing home violation story. It’s coming together, with everything double-, triple- and headed toward a quadruple check. But what I still can’t figure out is how to analyze the database for the most common violations in Boone County and the most recurrent violations per nursing facility. And no, Googling the question has not helped, though I would imagine that running this type of code is commonplace. Can anyone suggest what codes to run, either in Excel or Access? Doing it all by hand is not the best solution, by far.


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