Leipzig, Germany: Graffiti, J-School and Drinking Chocolate


The day before saying goodbye to one of the best countries in the world, I traveled to Leipzig to meet Mira at McDonald’s, the premier hangout spot for Americans abroad. (A la 90s, I had been forced by circumstance and stinginess adventurously decided to visit Germany without a working cellphone.)

This almost backfired when I failed to consider the possibility that Germans “just couldn’t even” with two separate McDonald’s within a few blocks of each other. No, they needed a third McDonald’s in the station to feed their gluttonous desires.

With an almost punishable disregard for punctuality, we found each other at the other McDonald’s 20 minutes after 10, bought an easily disguised tape recorder for later and schlepped ourselves to Connewitz, an alternative-left area populated with hippies, clothing stores and graffiti.





Note about neo-Nazis in Germany: While in Leipzig and Connewitz, I noticed many anti-Nazi signs, created as a reaction to the growing influence of Pegida, an anti-immigrant organization, and its Leipzig branch, Legida.





We spent the day at Riquet, a 1920s-style café in the city center that features wonderful hot chocolate and mysterious, gold-tinted mirrors. My mom visited this café when she went to Leipzig University – which, for all you Mizzou students, has a highly-worth-it exchange program with the J-School!


(Here’s LU’s J-School, as well:)


Between shopping and running up downward escalators at Mango, we went to Safran, a beautiful Indian restaurant in Connewitz:


And Café Puschkin, a neo-Communist hotspot, where we discussed plots to overthrow capitalist nations met with some classmates from my exchange in Markkleeberg five years prior. In good musical form, one even brought his cello to the bar.


I highly recommend the drinking chocolate:


Of course, Germany was amazing. Everything glowed with a clean and proper light… and was more than a little like this.

Why are the Sprockets so accurate?


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