Leipzig Area, Germany: Survival


With the reserved excitement typical of Germans, my grandma, aunt and cousin’s-boyfriend’s-daughter welcomed me at Platform 9.

Right away, they determined that my clothes would not help me survive the damp Leipzig spring, and whisked me to the nearest mall to buy a couple of sweatshirts and a dark brown vest. We then went to Zwenkau, a small village near Leipzig, where I met my uncle and cousin, took a bath that my Aunt V. prepares for me (there’s even bath oil, you guys!), and slipped under a crisp yellow comforter in my cousin’s former bedroom.


Yes: at three members, the goat population serves as an important part of this town’s 9,000-strong population.

At night, the whole family flocked to Zwenkau for a barbecue. In typical fashion, my grandpa took out his dentures at the table and remarked that, really, I looked much prettier with short hair, and that I should just cut it all off already.

A lot of good stuff happens next, dear readers: wonderful food, happy discussion and the discovery that my aunts, female cousins and grandma have all turned into my mother, and take extremely detailed care of me.

I later move to my cousin N1’s place in Schkeuditz. The next morning marks my cousin N2’s pre-baby celebration (as it’s unlucky in Germany to have actual baby showers until after the birth), again in Zwenkau, where we eat prosciutto (yes!), butter Nutella rolls and cookie monster cupcakes.


Yeah, those are Marzipan eyes.

I then head to Lößnig. Finally, it’s time to see my best friend Mira again.


Next time: Even in the middle of Leipzig, some older men are just too good for clothes.


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