Music, BBQ and Moroccan Brunch, Part 2: In Ksar’s summer fields, we can dance if we want to


Part 1 is here.

The men ended up playing music for about an hour, and thereby Tam Lin-ed most of the people present. After awakening from our stupor, we, along with our enchanters, partied the night away, J-School style. Meaning we talked. A lot.


The next morning brought us to Achraf’s chicken restaurant, which prepared a wonderful Moroccan brunch for us.

That’s right: soft msemmen,


drenched in cheese product and a runny egg, sunny-side up.


One person aptly described them as Moroccan egg burritos.


Jealous? So were we when the next table over got theirs first.

While other people talked about important things like Liberia, Soda Crush (a cousin to Candy Crush) and addiction to cigarettes, one of the guitar players, S., who is from Ksar, invited St. and I to tour the surrounding fields on a photo expedition.



Like pretentious little journalists, we ran along after him, and soon found ourselves enveloped by flower-soaked fields and fenced in by goats and a satisfied-looking cow.


There were even bees!


As S. described a far-off mountain, which he calls Blue Diamond Iceland, St. and I snapped … many photos.





The next day, St. and I tried not to look like complete idiots in front of a youth group, with whom we practiced the English language concept of favorites. There was a lot of smiling, though how much we actually influenced them is, well, questionable.

Next time: A Peace Corps volunteer discusses race and the “stage of love”


And, because you were totally thinking it, too:


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