S. and C.’s Excellent Adventure: Despite some bogus weather, we make it to the amphitheater.

Image 6Since midterms are delaying contact with our bunny stealer, we have to wait a bit for part two of Grand Theft Rabbit. Ugh. School. In the meantime, back to Amman. Image After visiting the souq, C. and I travel to Indoor Café, a place that wormed its way into my heart due to a) the doughnuts, b) the WiFi and c) the bravery to open during an epic snowstorm. Sure, the paper coffee cups leak, icy drafts find their way through the often-open front door and the same hour-long musical medley – which includes the Star Spangled Banner – plays constantly in the background. But hey. I felt honored to have such a space in which to finish my obscure work-related agricultural research.

That research, as well as a summer Critical Languages Scholarship application, ended up constituting most of my time in Jordan. Due to the snow and resulting limits on transportation, C. and I were capital-bound. The only breaks in our routine came from a surprise visit from my close friend Yousif, a fellow Mizzou student who decided to traverse the Jordan/Kuwait border during his winter break; happy trips to another doughnut joint and an American-style Chinese restaurant; a communal kapsa (rice dish) dinner with C.’s summer host mother; and, on my last day in Jordan, the amphitheater. Image 15 The Roman amphitheater, situated in downtown Amman, was relatively busy. Families and couples strayed along the theater’s jaw, trying not to stumble on its decaying teeth-like steps. While young men took selfies against the theater’s spectacular view of Amman: Image 18A black jacketed father helped his toddler navigate the monument. A fearless girl in a brown tracksuit addressed a nonexistent audience on the icy benches around her, and a child dressed in a teal hat and dress coat made frantic circles with her arms, trying not to fall onto the unforgiving stone below. Image 17 After buying a couple of postcards featuring Jordan’s monarchs, C. and I headed back to A’s apartment to warm our hearts and periodically check freezing feet for signs of frostbite. I returned to Morocco the next morning, hoping to find a warmer situation in the country I’d missed quite a bit. Amphitheater1Wishful thinking. Next time: Hopefully rabbits? Possibly Ksar El Kbir. Probably Ksar. Good luck on midterms, if you’re unlucky enough to have them.


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