Yes, we finally made it to Volubilis. No ruins were harmed, this time.

SAM_0235In late December, the family decided to hang out at Volubilis, a UNESCO World Heritage Site near Meknes and, therefore, near AUI. Whatever. It’s casual.


Now, we’ve visited a few Roman ruins, from Jerash, to Baalbek, to the trash-encrusted pillars in downtown Beirut. The ones at Volubilis are equally breathtaking. And, when you’ve recovered from the awe, it’s also much easier to recover your breath, as the site’s far enough from larger cities to avoid their pollution.


It’s huge!


At its peak, the city covered 100 acres, including a basilica, temple, triumphal arch and many mosaics, some of which are quite well preserved.


Of course, there are ever-watchful guards, in case someone (my brother) decides to disturb the ruins (like he did at Baalbek, when he tried to dislocate a few stones).


Note: You do have to pay for a Grand Taxi to take you to Volubilis and stay there until you want to leave, unless you want to wait for the morning or night bus.

On another note: Has anyone done international bus travel in North/West Africa? If so, please comment below!

If you were interested in last week’s story on immigration in France, here’s the final installment.

And, if you’re hoping to spend an exchange year at AUI, here’s what to bring.


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