Moroccan Music and a Lecture on Moroccan Family Code

Hey, guys! I’m very sorry nothing’s been posted the last couple of weeks. It seems that here at Al Akhawayn, Finals Week turns into Finals Month, and despite a few trips to Rabat, I’ve been spending a lot of time on papers and… In the meantime, enjoy Hindi Zahra, a beautiful, Norah Jones/Billie Holiday-like artist.

Also, in case you’re interested in the Moroccan Family Code’s implications for women, check out my write-up of Dr. Nouzha Guessous’s lecture here. Guessous was one of three women involved in reforming Morocco’s family law, which until 2004 was based on Islamic Maliki code and withheld women from civil equality with men and certain marriage and divorce rights.

And for U.S. exchange students (and FSOs) missing America…

Next Time: Glen Kessler of the Washington Post comes to AUI!


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