Ain Vittel: Claw trees, clown dolls and a ton of horses


Sorry for the late post — the Melilla story has been put on hold due to a couple of complications. In the meantime, here are some pictures of Ain Vittel, a beautiful Ifrane nature reserve replete with waterfalls, huge trees, pushy horse ride vendors and strange dolls.

S., Al. and I explored this claw tree last Tuesday.


After being accosted by eight individuals offering horse and donkey rides, we stumbled over the campfires of several families enjoying Morocco’s Independence Day.

DSCN3157We then perused a market reminiscent of those in Lebanon’s Shouf region.


Replete with these Sandmann- like dolls.


Probably meant to help you sleep at night.

For as we all know, my friends, the night is dark and full of terrors.

See you Saturday with news from Melilla and/or Chefchaouen.

And, in case you’re interested in the next installment of news from Kosovo: An Exquisite Corpse in the Land of Blackbirds: Chapter Ten.




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