A Brief Look Into the Life of an Ifrane Vegetable Seller


Raise your glasses, dear readers, and pay attention, for today marks a special day: not only is it my wonderful creator’s birthday (hey, Mama!), but it is also the day that this blog begins to feature real people. Over the next weeks, students and members of the Ifrane area community will share here thoughts on their everyday lives, concerns and dreams.

The first person who agreed to speak with me is Rashid Oumichi. A 24-year-old vegetable seller from Ifrane, Oumichi works at the marché, the market students and village citizens rely on to keep ourselves fed, hygienic, clothed and clean cut.

Oumichi has watched over his parent’s stand since he was 21. He spends five days a week here working 12-hour shifts.

The vegetables Oumichi sells come from Meknes, about an hour’s drive away. His most popular products are tomatoes, potatoes, onions and carrots, and his most popular days for customers are Saturday and Sunday. When produce grows old, Oumichi takes it home or throws it out.

When he’s not working, Oumichi spends time with friends.

This interview is brief and polite because Oumichi speaks little French and I speak little Arabic. What we were able to communicate, though, could not have been done without Darling’s Darija translation. Many thanks to him and Oumichi.

Next Week: an Islamic feminist discusses religion and beliefs

Also, here’s this week’s installment of An Exquisite Corpse in the Land of Blackbirds.


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