Tagliatelle Noire and Oreo Milkshakes: E. and I play Garrison Keillor

IMG_0330On a stormy night in a city that knows how to keep its secrets, E. and I ventured away from the AUI campus to find an answer to the persistent student question: Where to find the best food in Ifrane?

And find the answer we did, in a downtown restaurant called La Paix. As the cool autumn air cut under my vest and men with business suits and human-sized duffel bags hustled by, we ordered cheese crepes, spaghetti noire and the best Oreo milkshake in the region. As E. and I discussed the meaning of art and journalism for the world, we savored our meals.

Ok, so E.’s crepes tasted more like eggnog than cheese.


And the milkshake tasted more like hazelnut gelato than anything else.


These contrasts created quite a mysterious meal on E.’s end.

I was most taken by my gastronomic enigma, however: how on earth did the restaurant make my tagliatelle so black?


The tagliatelle tasted most like shrimp, then Parmesan, then tomato. Bits of zuchinni and octopi tentacles made a couple of horrific appearances, but the overall effect was quite delicious.

If you’re near Ifrane, please go to this place. Preferably during Halloween.

Anyway, here’s my coverage of the time Eve Branson, founder of an eponymous foundation and mother of Richard Branson, came to Al Akhawayn.

Also, here’s a picture of three cats curled up adorably at the restaurant.




  1. Yup; agree with Tim P. — Mollusk ink (of some sort…) is the likely culprit. I’ll definitely give La Paix a shot next time I’m in Ifrane (probably very soon, though maybe not in time for Halloween dining.)

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