Month: October 2014

Breaking News: It’s Halloween, and a baby giraffe is taking AUI by storm


A baby giraffe was spotted today near AUI’s classroom buildings. Surrounded by adoring students, he happily posed for numerous photo opportunities.



A Brief Look Into the Life of an Ifrane Vegetable Seller


Raise your glasses, dear readers, and pay attention, for today marks a special day: not only is it my wonderful creator’s birthday (hey, Mama!), but it is also the day that this blog begins to feature real people. Over the next weeks, students and members of the Ifrane area community will share here thoughts on their everyday lives, concerns and dreams.

The first person who agreed to speak with me is Rashid Oumichi. A 24-year-old vegetable seller from Ifrane, Oumichi works at the marché, the market students and village citizens rely on to keep ourselves fed, hygienic, clothed and clean cut.


Quick Post: Rock Climbing and Old Music

Hello! I’m sorry for the shortness of this post. Midterms have not been kind this past week, and have driven me to act in hermit-like ways. So, instead of experiencing new and exciting Moroccan things to share with you, I have been delving into the worlds of Senegalese music and Lebanese masculinity. In the meantime, please enjoy this picture of the moon over E’s favorite rock climbing place:


Winnie the Pooh, Halloween Lollipops and “Santa Baby”: Western Capitalism Finds New and Innovative Ways to Invade Fes

IMG_0284After spending a lovely morning with Gh., T. and I again traversed Fes’s medina labyrinth to find her a coat, boots and haircut. We entered Mellah, the city’s mediaeval-styled Jewish area, and found Boutique Arizona. While a degenerate English-language version of the Romanian “Dragostea Din Tei/Numa Numa Song” played in the background, two giggling teenage boys helped us find a beautiful coat that made T. look like someone out of Game of Thrones. I got a knockoff gold Adidas gym bag, which is sort of really cool and made me feel royal, as well.