The Fes Tanneries: Please Arm Yourself With Mint


After scurrying through Fes’s medina – dodging children, talkative shopkeepers and barreling donkey carts all the while – my friend and I climbed a set of dark, steep stairs that led to a vast second-story leather shop. The place was filled with exquisite assortments of shoes, belts and bags.

This situation wasn’t very striking, though, as it seems that many mudun in Morocco offer these products.


No, the interesting part met – or rather assailed – us on the shop’s balcony.


I’ve been told that the tanneries don’t use animal urine and pigeon excrement to dye their skins anymore … but I’ve also been told the opposite. This isn’t the first time I’ve wished to share the smells of Morocco with you, though you might want, hypothetically, to pass on this opportunity.

Leather1 Leather4 Leather5 Leather6 The tanneries are great, don’t get me wrong, but are best enjoyed with a bunch of mint held under your nose.


After absorbing the tannery – both through our minds and clothes — my friend and I happily — and exhaustedly — left Fes.

Next Week: The equestrian adventure we found on the road back to Ifrane



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