T. and I finally find the Marché, where we eat our meals and those of everyone else at our table

After accidentally exploring most of Ifrane’s surrounding areas on our quest to find electronics converters, T. and I slithered tiredly into some café chairs in Ifrane and inhaled strawberry juice. As we took stock of our leg situations and discovered some muscles we didn’t even know existed, we caught sight of a few other internationals. As luck would have it, they were headed for the marché … , which was not on Avenue Hassan II, contrary to instructions we’d been given by some individuals on campus.

No, really, I wasn’t mad.

After being told that the International Office had converters (they didn’t when I visited), T. and I decided to have dinner with our friends. At Restaurant Daifa, a place decorated with frolicking dolphins, we ate bread with garlic and basil sauce:


As well as olives and lentil soup (mmmm, lentils!).


I ordered a liver sandwich, another girl ordered an omelette and T. ordered chicken.


So you know how you feel when you see an attractive stranger and happily return to that memory over the next few days? Yeah. This sandwich.


Incredibly juicy, soft and filling – definitely a comfort food and possibly the best thing to eat during finals.

Next Week: Is it a sauna? A water park? An Olympic-sized pool? Welcome to AUI’s fabulous natatorium! That’s right.



  1. Ihre fotos sind hervorragend … Ich bin hungrig. Willkommen in Marokko! Ich hoffe dass Sie heute Ihre klassen gefunden … und bitte entschuldigen Sie meine schreckliche Deutsche; Ich brauche praxis.

      1. Danke, fantastische dame… Ich hoffe auch wir sprechen miteinander bald Deutsch – Ich brauche einen fachlehrer, mich zu unterrichten! Ich entschuldige mich nochmals für meine schreckliche Deutsch!

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