First Day in Ifrane: yeah, we got lost.


I woke up Wednesday to a beautiful, clear and slightly chilly Ifrane morning. After getting in the shower and being violently sprayed by the contents of my soap bottles, which had suffered under the Rabat-Ifrane altitude change, I got ready to face my first full mountain day.

I stopped by the campus café – conveniently indicated by a pictogram of steaming coffee – and ate fried, greasy melloui pastry (like a Moroccan pancake) with strawberry yogurt and cheese that doesn’t ever have to be refrigerated:


I then headed into town with T., a fellow study abroader (technical term) from New Jersey. Our goal was to find electronics converters and adapters, as our lifelines were nearly out of power. On the way, we casually passed by a Lindt truck.


Yes. A chocolate truck visits this campus.

We thought that the marché selling electronics was further up Avenue Hassan II, the main mountain road leading to both Al Akhawayn and Ifrane. So T. and I began walking. We walked.

And walked.

And walked.

We passed two nature reserves replete with grey crawfish and small, splashing children gathering in this river:


Watched a dozen shy macaque monkeys:


And were passed by what felt like a hundred honking cars. After a few long hours, in which I (of course) got sunburned, we decided to turn around. T. and I hiked back to Ifrane, drank delicious strawberry juice, watched people and complained about our limbs, which felt like they had been punched and stretched by an angry physical therapist. And yes: we felt it Thursday, and we’re feeling it today.

CD5 Next Week: How we actually got to the marché, and what we found there


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