Moroccan Whiskey and Green Cookies at Palais des Oudayas


After a Sunday afternoon spent shopping and collecting dust at the medina, the other interns and I decided to relax at a café in the seaside Palais des Oudayas. And so, like Mary entering the Secret Garden (let’s just stretch that comparison a bit), we said goodbye to the hectic medina atmosphere and entered the Palais’ ornate and peaceful fortress.


The first café we saw was a busy place populated mostly by European tourists.


Luckily, my intern friends knew a better place. They took me through a labyrinth of narrow white- and blue painted corridors to a slightly less jumping place.


We settled in to wait for men carrying tea (“Moroccan whiskey”) on silver platters:


And later, to my delight, mounds of cookies! Collectively, we selected almond and powdered sugar cookies, as well as one periwinkle jewel:


What can I say? I get excited about my pastries.

The almond cookies were somewhat savory, very chewy and moist. (Sorry…)

The powdered cookies tasted slightly lemony and had the crumby, light consistency of a Mexican wedding cake cookie.


The green cookies were made out of ground pistachios (I think), and tasted like marzipan and rose water. The glaze tasted like lime honey. On the whole, the cookie was almost cloyingly sweet.


After finishing the cookies, we settled in to enjoy the view and our remaining tea.



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