Month: August 2014

First Day in Ifrane: yeah, we got lost.


I woke up Wednesday to a beautiful, clear and slightly chilly Ifrane morning. After getting in the shower and being violently sprayed by the contents of my soap bottles, which had suffered under the Rabat-Ifrane altitude change, I got ready to face my first full mountain day.



Halloween Juice and Angry Ketchup Packets: Voyage to the Center (sort of) of Ifrane


My Tuesday started out rough. After barely sleeping the previous night, feeling sad to leave my Rabat friends and internship, and giving up my Embassy-issued phone, I spent an hour at the train station waiting for No. 117 to Fes.

Once it arrives, I cram my two suitcases and a backpack full of pantry food into a six-person compartment.


Restaurant Dar Naji: Where Plums, Beef and French Fries Find One Another


Dar Naji is a colorful and ornate Moroccan restaurant. Located on the second floor of a building near Rabat’s medina, the restaurant gives diners a broad view of city life — and an earful of city traffic, depending on the time of day. Dar Naji is a favorite among Americans in Rabat. I’ve eaten here a few times, and have included details from one and pictures from multiple trips below.


Moroccan Whiskey and Green Cookies at Palais des Oudayas


After a Sunday afternoon spent shopping and collecting dust at the medina, the other interns and I decided to relax at a café in the seaside Palais des Oudayas. And so, like Mary entering the Secret Garden (let’s just stretch that comparison a bit), we said goodbye to the hectic medina atmosphere and entered the Palais’ ornate and peaceful fortress.


Pizzeria Best Wishes: Unexpected Beauty on a Rabat Side Street


Between the Medina and Morocco’s ornate Parliament building, there’s a humble side street bistro called Pizzeria Best Wishes. Aesthetically, Best Wishes is a study in contrasts. Populated with unassuming metal chairs, frayed woven place mats and faded ketchup bottles, I didn’t expect much from the atmosphere. In fact, I almost walked past the place on my first visit.